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The Awards Committee is responsible for reviewing and understanding the requirements of all awards and grants open to the club by the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts (GCFM). This information is detailed in the GCFM Yearbook. Having reviewed this information, the Awards Chair informs the Board of Directors of the awards for which the Club is eligible and suggests those that it should pursue.

Civic Beautification

This is an ongoing activity that is ultimately the responsibility of the entire club. Its objective is to identify, assess and select meritorious projects for garden development and/or restoration within the Towns of Norwood and Walpole, in the interest of civic beautification. Contributions of time and/or funding are made to accomplish the selected projects.

Ongoing projects are:

Francis William Bird Park
Walpole Library Rain Garden
Guild Square
Hawes Pool Park
Norwood Round
Washington and Cottage Streets
F. Holland Day House

Garden Therapy

The Garden Therapy Committee conducts two workshops for the elderly residents of the Ellis Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, with a theme appropriate to the season. These hands-on sessions result in seasonally-themed floral arrangements to brighten the participants' rooms.


The Horticulture Committee is responsible for educating the club about horticulture. Committee members attend horticulture meetings and activities where they collect information for the club's benefit. This committee also provides horticulture exhibits of general interest to the club.


The Hospitality Committee is responsible for bringing and serving refreshments at monthly meetings, selling raffle tickets, and maintaining nametags, the guest book and the attendance sheet. The monthly hospitality lead is responsible for providing the centerpiece for the serving table. Refreshments (food and beverages) are set up prior to the meeting and the committee cleans up after the meeting has adjourned. Each club member is required to provide refreshments for one monthly meeting during the program year.


The Librarian has custody of the club's horticulture reference books and maintains records when books are borrowed and returned.


This committee is responsible for attracting new members as well as maintaining the database of contact information for current members.


The Newsletter is a quarterly publication that provides information to members about important upcoming programs and events, horticulture, club awards, calendar reminders and GCFM events and opportunities. The editor's responsibility is to solicit input from members, write and/or edit articles, organize and lay out the publication, and distribute it to members.


The Program Committee is responsible for investigating the availability and suitability of speakers and activities that would be of interest to the club members and the local community. Once identified, the committee puts together a balanced program for the year that includes workshops, lectures and field trips.


Members of this committee publicize all club meetings and events. Their main responsibility is to prepare copy for local media (newspaper, radio, cable TV, internet and garden publications, as warranted) about monthly programs, and to promote special events.


A $1000 scholarship is awarded annually to a deserving senior at the Norfolk County Agricultural High School who is enrolled in a program of continuing education in horticulture, floriculture or environmental science and who has a record of good citizenship and scholarship. Scholarships are also available to members for GCFM and Master Gardener courses.


The Sunshine Committee sends letters or cards of congratulations, get well and condolence in the club's name to members.

Ways & Means

Ways & Means are the fundraising activities of the Norwood Evening Garden Club. The money collected through these activities supports our civic beautification, administrative and program activities. These projects are major undertakings and their success is dependent upon the participation of all club members.


The webmaster is responsible for maintenance of the Norwood Evening Garden Club website.